Declaration EP

by The Post-Millenial



This is a question/answer EP where in the first one I ask the question of what the purpose of my drive toward creativity is. In the second track, I answer it.


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Joshua David Ling Augusta, Georgia

I'm a Storyteller originally from Alpharetta, Georgia. I'm also a vocalist, and Tin Whistle Player. I also dabble in some other instruments. My main passion is writing and telling
stories in Lyrical Rhyme. Check out my many worlds under the artist name: "Rhyme And Space." and my music under "Joshua David Ling"
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Track Name: The Inquisition Of The Mission
So how do you cram in just everything- everything that you’ve been feeling for your whole life?
How stories have defined you and defined who you are and helped you move along toward all of this? Well I guess we’re about to find out! This is Joshua David Ling - Rhyme And Space - This is The Inquisition Of The Mission - Let’s Hit it!

They’re been a lot of people tryin’ to define
My place inside this combination of space and time.
I tend to use rhyme as my tales unfold
But I’m sure you were told, That I am not of old
Oh no! The Celtic Bards have past,
So has William Shakespeare,
No bards have last-ed
So you need not fear.
I’m not a minstrel of entertainment only,
No lute in my hand, No tights, no phoney balogna.

“Poets” might fit but I don’t think so.
This world is full of poets but you wouldn’t know it. Oh no.
From Dickinson to Whitman - Frost to Poe.
To those beatnick spoken word types who got no flow.
That ain’t me! I put on a whole lot more of a show!
My feelings live on my sleeve but my heart don’t bleed yo!

And this has been the tale since my story began,
My style never seems to fit within the span
Of styles and professions this world has to offer
And this tends… To be a bother.

I’m not a Prophet or a Preacher
A teller or a teacher
I’m not a sage, wordsmith novelist or wizard.
I’m not a parabler, a scholar, or some kind of book lizard.
I’m No narrator or fabler
But I’m trying to get stabler
Not a hymnist or a psalmist
Tryin’ to define what all this is!

God what am I?

I’ve written and revised,
I’ve filmed and despised
I’ve edited, reddited, educated But it’s still lies!
I’ve made reels and waves and content galore,
But God almighty, what’s it all there for?!
Why have you given me this vast inspiration and a nation
That is going hungry?
What is it you call me to, what is this passion that you’ve
Given me ever since the day I was born
Tell me, what’s it for!? What’s it for!?!?

Be Still and know The Lord is on our side.
Track Name: The Rebuttal To Befuddle
In your book you tell me that,
If I seek your Kingdom, you’ll give back.
I seek your word every single day
And I believe you’re with me all the way.
The heart is wicked and deceitful
But not so if you’re people’s steeple
Is rooted only in your word,
The desires you give us have a reason to occur.

I miss this feeling that you give
The feeling that you make me live
Every single time I take a mic
And spit these lyrics, and call to fight.
The battles of my fairy tales
And inspire folks across the gales
Of wind and time and folklore Lord
And drive The Evil One from The (bored/board).

If you are eminent within
Every single stitch of this world’s skin
If you’re the one who sent rainbows
And saved us with that Crimson flow
Then maybe you’re an artist too
Who created this world - It’s greens and blues
Who created rhythm, rhyme, and sound,
Who created order structure all around,
Who told us tales and wrote them down,
The story of YOU is what I’ve found
In your word and in your life,
Lord help me to be strong and take this advice,

Ever since I was a little boy I loved and honored you, Lord.
Ever since I was a little boy fairy tales left me floored.
They teach me dragons can be beat
And they point me back to The Word.
And I know to must this sounds absurd,
It must sound absurd...
But guess what? So does your word!

In Numbers you spoke through the mouth of an ass.
Speak through this scared little boy in a Manner crass.
Use the foolish things of the world to bring you glory!
Help me to be one who not only tells stories
But illustrates with the power of Rhyme And Space
Not novels or movies. Not at the World’s pace.
You’ve given me a talent and a drive.
Please help me to survive and thrive.

So in closing, I guess this is how I define
My place inside this combination of space and time.
At least for now, though I’m a shifting planet.
Lord make me solid as granite.

I’m a lyrical emissary who speaks out tales
I’m a Story-Warrior and I will not fail.
If God builds this house, It will not fall or be replaced.
Welcome to the magical world of Rhyme And Space.

Thanks to my family.
Thanks to my wife Kay Cee.
Thanks to Pastor Joe. This ain’t no death rattle no-mo.
Check us out at
Seriously, I’ve got like a million stories there.
Until next time…
Have a safe ride Rhyme And Space Cadets.
Joshua David Ling out.

Our God is so big!
So strong and so mighty!
There’s nothing our God cannot do!
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